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Email: support@mdundo.com

Call/Text: +254 708 310 253

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What is Mdundo, Mdundo.com and Mdundo Music?

Mdundo.com is a music service where you can easily and legally access music from all over the world. We work with thousands of musicians and record labels across Africa and the world at large, providing you with a huge catalogue of amazing music for you to download and stream. You can access our service from either: Mdundo.com – try it now! or Mdundo Android app – find it in Google Play Store.

Is Mdundo a free service?

Mdundo can be accessed free of charge for download and streaming, supported by advertisement. However, you should try out our premium services with the paid Mdundo packages: Within Tanzania: Try Mdundo Mixes! Get access to daily mixes of music for only Tsh 80 / day – only available for Vodacom subscribers. Check out the available mixes here. Outside Tanzania: Try Mdundo Premium, ad-free music solution (see below under “Mdundo Premium”).

How do I download music from Mdundo.com?

To download music from Mdundo.com, go to Mdundo.com, find the song you like and click the blue “download” button. Downloading the song is free of charge, the service is advertisement funded and the musicians will therefore earn for every download you do. Please ensure that you read the Mdundo Terms and Conditions carefully here.

How do I upload music to Mdundo.com?

To upload music to Mdundo, create an account here, please ensure that you read the Mdundo Terms and Conditions here.

Why is it that some artists are not on Mdundo?

Mdundo only has music from artists that have signed up and legally provided their songs. Music on Mdundo is uploaded with permission from the artists, record labels and rights owners.

Is Mdundo only available within Africa?

Mdundo is available world-wide, however some catalogue might only be available in specific territories.

Where do I find your terms and conditions and privacy policy?

Terms and conditions - here Privacy Policy - here

Mdundo Mixes and Mdundo Unlimited with Vodacom Tanzania

What is Mdundo Mixes and Mdundo Unlimited? Is it free?

Mdundo Mixes and Mdundo Unlimited are music bundles that you can only get if you have Vodacom in Tanzania. You can choose between the following bundles: Mdundo Mixes (daily@tsh80/weekly@tsh750/monthly@tsh2,800) Mdundo Unlimited (daily@tsh400/weekly@tsh3,200/monthly@tsh10,000) All the bundles are available including data from Vodacom at the following rates: - Mdundo Mixes Daily + 55mb data: tsh 500 - Mdundo Mixes Weekly + 250mb data: tsh 2,500 - Mdundo Mixes Monthly + 7,500mb data: tsh 7,500 - Mdundo Unlimited Daily + 100mb: tsh 1,000 - Mdundo Unlimited Weekly + 450mb: tsh 6,000 - Mdundo Unlimited Monthly + 1,229mb: tsh 20,000

How do I unsubscribe from Mdundo Mixes and Mdundo Unlimited with Vodacom?

To unsubscribe to Mdundo Bundles you can email customer@mdundo.com, you can always contact us on +255759321361.

Can I get Mdundo Mixes and Mdundo Unlimited if I’m not on Vodacom in Tanzania?

No, you need to use your Vodacom Tanzania number to get Mdundo Mixes and Mdundo Unlimited. Change to your Vodacom Sim or get a new Vodacom number to access these services.

Mdundo Premium and Ad-Free Mdundo:

How can I get music without the ad at the beginning of every song?

You can get ad-free music on Mdundo by subscribing to Premium at 199 Ksh per month or by simply using the mdundo music app. Payments are done via M-Pesa or Google Wallet (Payment on Mpesa Paybill 197984, Acc. No: Mdundo).

How do I unsubscribe to Mdundo Premium with a Credit/Debit Card?

Unsubscribe directly from “manage subscriptions” in Google Play Store by clicking here.

Mdundo App – Android, iOS and Blackberry:

How do I get the Mdundo app on Android, iOS and Blackberry?

Android: Download the app here. iOS: The app is currently not available on iOS. Blackberry: The app is currently not available on Blackberry.

Can I download a song from the Mdundo App to my phone?

Yes. Your downloaded songs are saved on ‘My Music’ -> ‘My Playlists’ tab on the app. You are able to play your downloaded songs in the app while offline.

Mdundo app isn’t installing on my Android phone?

Here are the most common reasons: - Poor/slow internet connection. - Insufficient space on your device. - The phone is not an Android phone.