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Download New DJ mixtapes every day for all mood & genres including; New Gospel Mixes, Naija Throwback Mixes, Latest Afrobeats songs mixes and many more on any device.

DJ Mixes

Mdundo DJ Mixes is a Premium music service that provides you with access to specially curated DJ Mixtapes that are updated daily to keep you up to date on new music.


Served through partner telecom providers as music bundles, you can subscribe on a daily or weekly basis.


Mdundo mixes are available in almost all genres of music in Africa. Genres we currently produce includes Afrobeat, Bongo, Gospel, Amapiano,  Afropop,  Highlife, Hiplife. We also produce DJ mixes in hyper local genres like Hausa, Singeli and many more.

Why Mdundo DJ Mixes?

Unlimited Mixes Updated Daily

Available offline as MP3

Low data music downloads

Feature phone optimization

Subscribe to DJ Mixes

You can subscribe Daily or Weekly to Mdundo DJ Mixes through telco providers in your country






Top DJ Mixes
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Download free music from the most extensive catalog of African music

Enjoy the largest collection of Naija, Bongo, Afrobeats, Rhumba, Highlife, and much more from over 100,000 artists

Are you an Artist?

Grow your music within our +20M monthly users across Africa

For Business

Try our business solutions today

Connect with our unique audience to learn how to improve your brand's performance in key African markets.

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